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What is Antimemiticisomorphic?

Well based on my new knowledge received at a seminar featuring Dr Marc Dussault on Saturday 28th April 2007 in Sydney, Antimemiticisomorphic simply means following:


"By doing something Out-of-the-Ordinary you get Extra-Ordinary results!


In other words if you do the same as everybody else you can expect the same results as everybody else.

Anti = Opposite
Mimetic = Mime
Iso = Same
Morphism = Like everyone else


Learn from our Experience..

Here at Wall to Wall Computer Services we believe in the same logic. Rather than you spending years gaining knowledge through "in-the-field" or "on-the-job" experience we can put you through an intensive one or two day training session that will cut years off your learning curve.

Most people generally stumble through their day to day job with knowledge they learn in their job (ie self taught). We want to make you outstanding!

Our courses on Microsoft Office and Adobe packages are a culmination of literally years of knowledge professionally presented along with a nationally accredited training manual, exercise files and after training support in an easy, one day or two day solution.

This allows you to quickly get up to speed on the software for either yourself or your staff and get back to the main function of your business, providing your goods and services.

Common Concerns of Managers...

"What if we train our staff and they leave?"

A very good question for many employers wondering if they should outlay the money on their staff. My answer to this one is simple.

"What if you don't train them and they stay!!!"

Training makes sense

We believe investing in your most important asset (your staff) is a very wise decision. View our Tips for Managers for more information or view our course dates for information about up and coming courses.

We would love the opportunity to increase your own and/or your staff's productivity with their usage of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Frontpage and other applications. We have a variety of courses available suitable for all levels.

We also provide onsite and customised solutions for the entire Sydney Metro area. Not sure if anyone will ever read this page but if you do, I would love a quick email to let me know where you heard about it from.

If it happens to be Dr Marc Dussault, I thank you for your time and efforts in today's seminar and look forward to day two tomorrow. PS Guess I got a bit of FREE publicity *grin*

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