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We pride ourselves on the quality of our one and two day public courses. Many of our courses have multiple levels of training available depending on where your knowledge is currently at. Our first level courses are typically called Essential level. The word Essential means that the knowledge gained in these first level courses are the sort of knowledge all users of the software should have (not always the case) and should be the starting for most users that have not already had formal training in the product already.

Intermediate level is typically for a user that already has a good knowledge of the main workings of the software either through formal training (the preference) or through prior experience. Some of our Intermediate level courses are one day and some are typically a two day course (you can customise the topics to suit your needs and timeframe)

An Advanced course is typically designed with the Power User in mind. Someone who is already very comfortable with the software and would like to push the envelope a bit further and see what the software is really capable of. You need good, solid skills for all users attending a one or two day Advanced course.

All our courses come with a comprehensive training manual, certificate of completion and a copy of all the exercise files used during the course for you to practice with in your own time as well as after training support via both phone and email for free.

Our typical courses start at 9:00am and finish somewhere between 4:30-5:00pm (depending on progress on the day). We can provide training one-on-one anywhere around Australia and either for an individual, a group or the whole company. We can even provide computers onsite if need be.Talk to us so we can get a better understanding of your needs and how best to address them.

Listed below are some links to the different types of courses/versions we provide. Please remember this is a guide only, there are many other courses we offer outside these pages so please talk to someone for the best results.

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Not sure what version of Microsoft Office you have or need to learn?

Firstly, if you are not sure which version of Microsoft Office you have installed on your Work, Home Computer or Laptop here are some basic steps to find out.

  1. Press the 'Windows Key' (Hint: It's between the Ctrl & the Alt keys on your keyboard)
  2. Type in Word
  3. It should not be displaying something like 'Microsoft Word 2016' at the top of the start menu. The 20XX is the version you have installed.
  4. Generally it's best to do the training on the version you will be using or have installed on your home computer (so you can practice)

Secondly, if you are looking for work and are not sure what version you should be learning make sure you speak to one of our consultants so we can give you some free advice as to what would be best for you and what products you should be learning. The answer will be different depending on what type of roles you are applying for, your current skill set and the industry.

Call us and ask to speak to Greg about your needs on (02) 9967 0006 or drop him an email with your contact details and a general overview at:



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