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Learn Microsoft Excel in 1 day!

Microsoft Excel is the worldwide standard in spreadsheets in today's business world. So what exactly is a spreadsheet and what do I need to know how to use one?

A spreadsheet application is a software package designed to store information in columns and rows. An example of this might be a list of expenses for a business. In the first column you might have a list of expense items and in the column to the right of this the actual expense values.

Using Excel you can then create calculations and formulas to give you totals of your expenses, with the totals automatically updating if the original values change. You can also chart this data for better visual impact.

Excel has become a standard in today's business and most job seekers will find that competent Excel knowledge is a minimum requirement for most job applications.

Learn Excel in a Day!

Microsoft Excel 2013



Our One-Day Excel 2013 is perfect for either first-time Excel users right up to our "self taught" users. In most cases for even current basic level users of Excel our Introductory course is the correct starting place to fill-in-the-blanks in their knowledge.

Even in our one day course you will learn all the fundamentals such as entering data, creating calculations, building formulas, creating charts and much much more. For a listing of topics and to download a copy of the course outline click the following picture.

Learn Microsoft Excel 2003 - Course Outline Excel 2013 Essentials - Course Outline

If you are ready to book your course, use the enrol button to check available dates and schedules and make a request in minutes. Take the positive steps now to learning Excel.


Comments from Students attending Excel Introduction courses

'The Best training course I have ever attended bar none! Don't be fooled by the "Essentials" level. It's a great way to start, even if you think you are at an Intermediate level.'

K. Lee
Dynamix Pty Ltd

'An Excellent Course - Good structure, comfortable surroundings - Excellent Literature & Equipment. Thank you for all your hard work.'

D. Steed-Chentrens
Travelogic & Macquarie Bank Travel

Microsoft Excel 2016
Microsoft Excel 2016 Essentials (1 Day)Microsoft Excel 2016 Essentials (1 Day)Microsoft Excel 2016 Essentials (1 Day)
Microsoft Excel 2016 Intermediate (2 Days)Microsoft Excel 2016 Intermediate (2 Days)Microsoft Excel 2016 Intermediate (2 Days)
Microsoft Excel 2016 Advanced (2 Days)Microsoft Excel 2016 Advanced (2 Days)Microsoft Excel 2016 Advanced (2 Days)