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Save Money & Time

Training Vouchers are a great way to save money, time and have credits available when you need them without extra paperwork and redtape.

Make sure you have a few training vouchers on hand next time a new employee starts or you need training in a hurry.

As a bonus your company will also save money by buying in bulk!

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What are Training Vouchers?

Wall to Wall Computer Services Training Vouchers are an excellent way to take care of your training budget for the year and save money for your company at the same time. This allows you to extend your departments training budget.

Training vouchers are also a great way to get a single approval or purchase order for a book of vouchers, then, just use them when needed anytime (for any course) in the next 12 months.

Save Money and Energy!!

Advantages of Purchasing Vouchers?

Are there any restrictions?

A few basic restrictions apply:

Training Voucher Pricing

The more you buy the better the discount. Save up to 33% ($108.90 per student) on the price of training by purchasing your training vouchers in bulk!

% Discount
Total Price
1 Voucher
5 Vouchers
10 Vouchers
30 Vouchers
50 Vouchers
100 Vouchers
200 Vouchers

Save Time, Save Money, Save Hassle!

What a great way to save time, save money and save the hassle of going through the approval process every time you want to sent someone on a course. A simple, easy convinient solution to your computer training needs for the year.

Download and Printout our TRAINING VOUCHER ORDER FORM now and start saving money!

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