For Employees

For Employees

Imagine being the person people turn to when they really need help rather than being the last one out of the lineup! The one management can rely on to get them out of a jam!

Understanding how to use a computer is really easy, once you understand some basic principles. To get this someone spends the time with you to explain it all properly. You know you are good at other things but somehow you just struggle with computers and some of the technology. Well like anything else in life, it's easy to understand if you can break it all down into digestible chunks and have things explained in plain English!

What you really need it some 1-on-1 time with a true professional. Someone who is an expert at both computers and also imparting that knowledge and is willing to put in the time to make sure you are taught properly. Quite frankly your brother-in-law, cousin, family friend (or even kids) are more than likely NOT professional computer trainers and just because they "use" or "work with" something does not make them an expert.

For example most of us "use a car", quite often every day but it still doesn't make us an expert. You might even consider yourself an excellent driver but perhaps if you were placed in a supercar on the track at Bathurst doing laps with the V8 Supercars you may just see the difference between excellent and expert. It's the same with computer trainers. They specalise in imparting computer skills and knowledge and it's where you should go when you need help.

What you really need is a guide, a mentor, a coach who knows the software inside and out and can cut through all the fluff and show you what you need to know to get the job done. Someone who has real world experience with the software and is a professional teacher (you don't get that with your cousin). They will be able to show you what you need and the most efficient way to do it (you wouldn't get your cousin to perform surgery on you so you shouldn't let them train you on computers either). Forget the friends and relos when you need help, go to a professional.

Why you need Professional Training

If you are learning how to use a software program you really need to learn the correct way, from an expert and not pick up any bad habits from somebody that's not quite 100% sure what they are doing but they just get by. Trust me your employer/future employer will know the difference.

Being a more efficient worker will not only save you from always working under pressure, it will also remove the need to stay back to catch up at the end of the day and will probably also help to advance your career by giving you the confidence and the "take on anything" attitude. No need to shy away from taking control of the situation anymore.

When it does come time for your yearly pay review they are most definitely going to be allocating funds to the staff members who get the job done on time and the ones they count on to do things efficiently. These are the employees that are typically showered with benefits, promotions and bonuses.

Let's face it, you can't get a really good job these days without excellent computer skills. Having attended 1 or 2 computer courses 5 or 10 years ago doesn't cut it anymore. You are using old knowledge and trying to apply it to modern software. If you are not doing 3-4 refresher computer courses every year you are probably falling behind everyone else.

If you don't use features for a while you forget them. Most students get much more out of a course doing it a second time as a refresher than they ever thought they would walking into it.

What you will receive with your training

  • A full day of Professional training by a Microsoft Certified Trainer or Microsoft Certified Master (a highly experienced educator)
  • Your training course with us includes a nationally accredited training manual to keep (for reference after the training)
  • Access to all the exercise files used during the course (so you can practise as much as you want after the training)
  • A Printed Certificate for each course you attend (great for the future)
  • The skills and confidence to do things the fastest and most efficient way (and how your doing it right)
  • Hundreds of tips, tricks and time saving shortcuts known only by a select few (we happily share)
  • A guarantee that you will learn right from the beginning of the day (not only at the end)

We also provide after training support by both telephone and email if you have a problem that you can't quite figure out. This can also be useful if you have a question while doing revision after the training. We provide this service free of charge - consider it as a thank you to our loyal customers.

You've come this far, your keen to learn more and you know you need it so make sure you take action right now. Call us or drop us an email right now so we can have a chat and I'm sure we can provide exactly what you need and soon too.

Speak to Greg on 0416 027 865 or send him an email on

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