Certification Info

Why would you want to become Certified?

Saying that you know the software that is important in your industry is one thing, proving it is another! Achieving International Accreditation takes you to a whole new level of skillset and recognition and sets you apart from your compeditors, colleagues and clients. You gain their respect and their confidence!

This can lead to better job opportunities, faster advancement in the work place, better pay and being known as the go-to-person when someone needs their best person on the job. Being the go-to-person in your organisation also adds to your stability and makes you invaluable as an employee.

It proves to yourself, your employers (or future ones) and your peers that you truly have the knowledge to work with these applications to their full extent. You have the knowledge to successfully pass globally recognised exams to prove your aptitude in the software and its operation.

Put simply, we can provide this Worldwide recognition and Certification and as the only authorised testing centre available to the public for many of these exams we can help make sure you are well prepared for the future, regardless of the industry and what the future holds.

What types of exams are currently available?

As a starting point Microsoft Office is the standard in business worldwide. It's a good starting point for certification as most businesses use this software as a basepoint and having good (proven) Certifiable skills in the standard Microsoft Office 365 packages ticks a lot of boxes for an employer (it's also a good way to test a potential employees abilities to see if they are as good as they say).

It may just help you proceed to the next round of the interviews. Apart from Microsoft 365 Certifications (now known as Microsoft 365), we also offer certifications for Adobe, Autodesk and other leading industry suppliers. We have assigned exam dates year round with varying exam times throughout the day. You even take a single or mutliple exams on the same day.

Here are some of the International Certifications we offer. These exams mean International recognition with a digital certificate (printable or emailable) from leading supplies like Microsoft, Adobe, Autodesk and others to add to your resume). Click on the text links below to go to a seperate page with a listing of exams under each category.

  • Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS Exams)
  • Microsoft Certified Fundamentals (MCF Exams)
  • Microsoft Certified Educator (MCE Exams)
  • Adobe Certified Professional (ACP Exams)
  • Autodesk Certified User (ACU Exams)
  • IC3 Digital Literacy Global Standard 6 (IC3 Exams)
  • App Development with Swift (ADS Exams)
  • Unity Certified User (UCU Exams)
  • Project Management Institute Certification (PMI Exams)
  • Information Technology Specialist (ITS Exams)
  • Cisco Certified Support Technician (CCST Networking or Cybersecurity)

                   Cisco CCST Certification Exams

What are the advantages of you being certified?

  • Being able to provide proof of your level of expertise
  • The ability to join an elite group of software Specialists, Experts and Professionals from around the world
  • Allowing you to differentiate yourself and secure better placement and future advancement
  • Have more opportunities available to you by better education
  • International Validation of your professional desktop skills
  • A smile of confidence on your face for that next interview or promotion opportunity

What do I need to do now?

  1. Decide which package/s you would like to certify for and the version required
  2. Contact us for exam details, pricing and an exam schedule and book in for your exam (setting a date keeps you on track)
  3. Study, Learn and Revise your product in preparation of your exam (you will be surprised how much you will learn through revision)
  4. Check your knowledge and define which areas you need more help with (access training, videos or manuals to help)
  5. Optionally: Speak to one of our consultants about getting your knowledge to the correct level
  6. On the day of the exam you will receive a unique link from us. Click on this to start your exam
  7. You will know the results of your exam on completion. If successful, your certificate will be viewable online (on your Certiport Account), you can share a validation link with employers and even download of PDF of your certifications from your account to add to your resume. All completed exams are stored on your Certiport login.

How much does it all cost?

The cost of each exam varies depending on the category (make sure you request more info by using the email link below for more info and an exam schedule).

You do not need to own the software or even have the software installed on your computer to take an exam. All of the exams can be taken remotely from anywhere in Australia simply with Internet access and a web browser. This system is called "Exams at Home" but officially they can be taken from anywhere (a quiet room at home or a meeting room at the office on a lunch break).

Make sure your certifications are vailidated by an Australian Test Centre. Each exam takes approximately 50 to 60 minutes to complete.

My next steps?

What should I do next? Speak to Greg (a Microsoft Certified Trainer and Exam Proctor) now on 0416 027 865 or email greg.wall@computercourses.com.au for more information, a list of exam dates and the information required to book your exam and start taking action today.

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