IC3 Digital Literacy

IC3 Digital Literacy - Global Standard 6 (IC3) Certification Exams

Don't just use technology, succeed with technology.

Technology has become a part of our everyday lives, and understanding how to function in environments that require the use of computers and the Internet is more critical now than ever before.

So, whether you plan to pursue a career in IT, or simply become more effective with technology, IC3 Digital Literacy Certification is the place to start. Get International Accreditation on the latest version, Global Standard Six.

The IC3 Digital Literacy suite of products includes solutions that range from assessment to certification.

Each certification exam covers at least 150 hours' worth of course instruction and as a truly global standard, IC3 Digital Literacy is as comprehensive as it is diverse.

With learning and practice solutions, assessment tools, and certifications specifically designed for a variety of ages and occupations, the IC3 Digital Literacy program is simply the best way to ensure that students and employees are prepared to succeed in a technology-based world.

Wall to Wall Computer Services provides this Worldwide recognition and certification.

What are the advantages being IC3 certified?

  • Being able to provide proof of your level of expertise
  • The ability to join an elite group of IC3 Certified Users from around the world
  • Allowing to you differentiate yourself and secure better placement and future advancement
  • Have more opportunities available to you by better education
  • International Validation of your professional desktop skills
  • A smile of confidence on your face for that next interview or promotion opportunity

IC3 Digital Literacy - Global Standard 6 (IC3)

In the table below is a list of the exams available.

Certification Exam Name Sample Exams Topics List
IC3 Digital Literacy - Level 1 Exam Level 1 Exam Domains
IC3 Digital Literacy - Level 2 Exam Level 2 Exam Domains
IC3 Digital Literacy - Level 3 Exam Level 3 Exam Domains

What do I need to do now?

  1. Decide which package/s you would like to certify for
  2. Contact us and we will set aside a date and time for you to sit your exam (you will know the results on completion)
  3. Go back and revise your product knowledge on the lead up to your exam
  4. On the day of your exam booking, click on the link provided and take your exam

How much does it all cost?

The cost for sitting each IC3 Digital Literacy exam at Wall to Wall Computer Services is $110 including GST. Each exam takes approximately 50 to 60 minutes to complete. The exam is run online and all you need is an isolated room, a web browser, an exam booking and a stable internet connection.

P.S. Make sure you don't purchase exams or exam vouchers from overseas as these voucher codes are not valid for Australian Testing Centres and ensure you get your certificate validated by an Australian Authorised Testing Centre.

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