Microsoft Access 365 Essentials (2 Days)

Microsoft Access 365 Essentials (2 Days)

This course is designed to not only teach core database concepts but to take the through the four main elements of an Access database, Tables, Queries, Forms and Report. A full system from looking at basic designs to producing finished reports from the program.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this course students will be able to understand the principals creating a fully functional database system.


This course is designed for students with little or no knowledge of Access however a good understanding of Office packages (especially Excel) would be an advantage.

Getting Started

  • What is Microsoft Access?
  • What’s New in Access 365?
  • Basic Terminology
  • Opening Microsoft Access
  • An Overview of the Interface
  • Closing Access

Using the Getting Started Windows

  • Getting Started Components
  • Navigating through the Window
  • Creating Databases from a Template
  • Creating a Blank Database

The Trust Centre

  • Warnings you may see when opening a Database
  • Enabling Blocked Content
  • About Digital Signatures
  • About Trusted Locations
  • Opening the Trust Centre
  • Assigning a Password to your Database

Getting Help in Access

  • Opening the Help Screen
  • Using Help Effectively
  • Online v’s Offline Help
  • Searching for Help

The Access 365 Interface

  • Using the Quick Access Toolbar
  • Default Access Buttons
  • Adding/Removing Buttons
  • Customising the Toolbar
  • Basics of Ribbons
  • Working with Dialog Boxes
  • Reviewing Ribbon Tabs

Creating a Database

  • Planning a Database
  • Creating a Database from a Template
  • Creating a Blank Database
  • Using Database Objects
  • Setting Navigation Options

Working with Records and Tables

  • What is a Record?
  • Navigation Tips
  • Adding/Editing Records
  • Deleting Records
  • E-Mailing Records
  • Printing Records

Creating New Tables

  • A Tables Overview
  • Creating Tables
  • Entering Data in a Table
  • Formatting a Table

Creating Forms to View and Edit Data

  • What is a Form?
  • Bound v’s Un-Bound Controls
  • Creating a Form Using the Wizard
  • Using Design View to Modify your Form
  • Using Forms for Data Entry

Creating Queries to Select Records

  • What is a Query?
  • Creating Queries with the Wizard
  • Using Design View to Modify a Query
  • Building Effective Queries

Creating Reports

  • What is a Report?
  • Creating a Report with the Wizard
  • Using Design View to Modify a Report
  • Using Reports

Viewing and Filtering Data

  • Using the View Menu
  • Using the View Icons
  • Using the Tabs
  • Closing Individual Tabs
  • Using Find and Replace
  • Sorting Ascending and Descending
  • Toggling Filters
  • Using Selection Sort
  • Using Advanced Sorting

Printing out Data

  • Using the Quick Print Icon
  • Using the Print Menu
  • Using Print Preview
  • Using the Print Preview Ribbon
  • Printing v’s Exporting

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