Microsoft Outlook 365 Essentials (1 Day)

Microsoft Outlook 365 Essentials (1 Day)

This course introduces the essential skills required for working with Outlook 365. Students will learn how to work effectively with their contacts, calendar, task lists and email.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this course students will be able to effectively manage their email messages, attachments, appointments, meetings, contacts and tasks.


This course is designed for students who are new to Outlook or have basic skills. Basic computer awareness, keyboard and mouse skills are essential.

Getting Started

  • Navigating the Outlook Interface
  • Using the Outlook Ribbon
  • Shortcut Menus
  • Navigation Panes
  • Using Sneak Peeks

Working with Email

  • Creating/Sending Messages
  • Using the Address Book
  • Understanding CC & BCC
  • Creating Draft Messages
  • Viewing Sent Messages
  • Opening, Sending & Receiving Email Messages
  • Replying/Forwarding Messages
  • Changing Read Status
  • Sending Attachments
  • Viewing Attachments
  • Printing Emails

Managing Messages

  • Sorting Mail Messages
  • Rearranging your Inbox
  • Flagging Messages
  • Finding Specific Messages
  • Deleting Messages
  • Emptying Deleted Items Folder
  • Archiving your messages

Creating Signatures

  • Building an AutoSignature
  • Inserting a Signature
  • Adding Graphics to a Signature
  • Setting a Default Signature

Using the Calendar

  • Working with the Calendar
  • Navigating the Calendar
  • Scheduling a new Appointment
  • Rescheduling Appointments
  • Recurring Appointments
  • Scheduling an Event
  • Planning a Meeting
  • Responding to a Meeting Request
  • Tracking Meeting Responses
  • Editing Calendar Entries
  • Changing Calendar Views
  • Moving/Rescheduling Calendar Items
  • Printing Calendar Items
  • Saving a Calendar as a Web Page
  • Deleting Calendar Items

Working with People

  • Opening the People Folder
  • Creating a new Contact
  • Adding Same Company Details
  • Changing Contact Views
  • Editing Contacts
  • Flagging a Contact for Follow Up
  • Sending a message to a Contact
  • Organising Contact Meetings
  • Exploring a Contacts Web Page
  • Assigning a Task to a Contact
  • Printing Contact Information
  • Deleting a Contact

Working with Tasks

  • Opening the Tasks Folder
  • Creating a New Task
  • Creating a Recurring Task
  • Editing a Task
  • Marking a Task as Complete
  • Sorting and Ordering Tasks
  • Assigning Tasks to another Outlook User
  • Accepting/Declining Tasks
  • Indicating the Progress of Tasks
  • Sending a Status Report
  • Changing the Tasks View
  • Printing Tasks Information
  • Deleting a Task

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