Windows 11 (Computer Essentials) - 1 Day

Windows 11 (Computer Essentials) - 1 Day

This course is designed both for newer computer users but also for experienced users upgrading from previous versions of Windows (like Windows 7, 8 or 10). It covers all the Essential topics required for accessing files, saving data locally, the cloud and understanding how to fine tune the computer to suit the needs of the user to save time, effort and energy!

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this course students will be able to work confidently with a variety of Apps and Access Information from a variety of locations. They will also be confident with the basics of operating a Windows 11 computer.


This course is designed both for students with no knowledge of computers through to Intermediate level.

Welcome to Windows 11

  • Windows 11 Overview and History
  • What’s new in Windows 11
  • Starting up a Windows 11 Computer
  • Logging into Windows 11
  • Exploring the Windows Environment
  • Interacting with Windows 11
  • Understanding Left v’s Right Click Options
  • The Windows 11 Desktop
  • The Windows 11 Start Menu
  • Working with Windows 11 Effectively
  • Windows Aero Snap Features
  • Working with Split Screens and Quadrants
  • Snap Layout and Snap Assist
  • Windows 11 Shut Down Options
  • Locking your Computer

Computer Terminology

  • Understanding Hardware v’s Software
  • Megabytes, Gigabytes to Geopbytes Explained
  • Capacity Translation Table
  • Examples of Typical Storage Sizes
  • Megahertz and Speed Ratings
  • Processing Power Simplified
  • Resolution and Screen Sizes

Understanding Files and Folders

  • Understanding Files v’s Folders
  • Standard Windows Libraries
  • Understanding the Cloud v’s Local Storage
  • Understanding Save Locations
  • Working with File Explorer
  • Accessing files from USB
  • Ejecting a USB Stick
  • Accessing files from a Digital Camera
  • Accessing Photos on your Mobile Phone
  • Transferring Files using Cut, Copy and Paste
  • Transferring files from USB, Camera & Phone
  • Where should I save my files and Why?

Working with Applications

  • Useful Apps in Windows 11
  • Creating and Saving documents in a Word Processor
  • Creating Images in a Paint Program
  • Using the Windows Calculator
  • Unit Conversions in Windows 11
  • Taking Screenshots using the Snipping Tool
  • Ending a Frozen Program

Understanding the Internet

  • Using a Web Browser
  • Services available on the Internet
  • Starting Microsoft Edge
  • Entering a Web Address
  • Opening an InPrivate Browsing Window
  • Using Search Engines
  • Useful Websites

Setting up a new Email and Cloud Account

  • The Basics of Email
  • Traditional Email v’s Webmail
  • Breakdown of an Email Address
  • Why should I have a Microsoft Account?
  • Setting up a OneDrive Account

Cortana your Digital Assistant

  • Introducing Cortana
  • Teaching Cortana about you
  • What sorts of things can Cortana do?
  • Setting up Cortana
  • What can you say to Cortana?

Business Applications

  • Useful Business Applications
  • Microsoft Office components and their usage
  • Understanding the Adobe Suite of Products

Computer Maintenance

  • Keeping your PC up to date with Windows Updates
  • Performing Windows Updates
  • AntiVirus Updates

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